About Eytan's

Eytan was born in Israel. Growing up on a Kibbutz, Eytan was raised with an intense work ethic that led to his honest nature. After serving in the Israeli Defense Forces, including front line combat during The 6 Day War, Eytan received the opportunity to travel to the United States.
Subsequently, it was in Los Angeles that Eytan met a master goldsmith/ jeweler with whom he began to apprentice. Studying under this master craftsman, Eytan's creative eye and talented hands found a home in jewelry design. Eytan developed a true passion in creating custom designed, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Eytan and his wife Susan soon opened their own shop to showcase his work. Together they have stayed focused on their commitment towards making sure each and every project they create and each relationship they forge is something they can be proud of.
Built from the ground up, on word of mouth recommendations of satisfied costumers, their business has now been operating for 39 consecutive years.
Serving not only his local customers, Eytan has worked with national and international clients alike .His talents have inspired designs that have won 8 different competitions. Also he has been selected to create designs and manufacture over 120,000 pins for international organizations
Based on his simple and elegant style, Eytan's taste and abilities built him a reputation as a master jeweler and designer.
This demand has led to the creation of this website in hopes of providing easier access to Eytan and his talents.
In addition you will find a section for estate pieces that eytan has collected over the years for sale at extremely discounted prices.

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